PAC Control recent files

Not really a code sample as such, but a handy tip if you need to know it.

When you click on the ‘File’ menu item in PAC Control, the drop down shows the usual, Save Strategy, Save Strategy As and so on.
At the bottom of the drop down menu is a list of the last 10 strategy’s that you have opened or saved.
Most of the time its really handy, giving you quick access to strategies you have worked on in the past.

But what if you want to clear out the list and ‘start again’?
Well, here is how to do just that…

On XP, look for the following file:

          [B]c:\windows\ [/B](or [B]c:\windows\control.basic.ini[/B])

Way at the bottom, you should see a section called [B][Recent File List][/B]. Just remove the whole section, but not the “[Recent File List]” part.
Be [B]VERY SURE[/B] not to mess with any other parts or settings in that file!
In fact, it might be a good idea to back up the file before you attempt to remove the recent file list… just in case you slip…

Enjoy your nice clean menu (well, at least until you open 10 different strategies at any rate).