PAC Control R10.3c IO export crash / updating to newer PAC Control?

To ensure my calibration parameters are backed up externally (in a readable text format), I tried using the:
I/O Units | right-click | Export menu, which created the File Name dialog:
Export I/O Units to an Opto Tag Database, and used the .otg extension.

PAC Control then crashed and closed after clicking the OK button.
The file was created, but doesn’t have all the IO calibration present; the file seems truncated a few characters in to the 3rd (unit2), 3rd point line of the csv style export.

PAC Control Basic R10.3c Aug 21 2020, 14:03:46:
iocdb.dll R10.3b
iocom.dll R10.3a
ioerr.dll R10.3a
iosnif.dll R10.3a

I saw #philip mention the identical issue in:
Set start number post 3 from March 21.

However, I noticed a slightly newer version on my PC (versus the laptop where the crash occurred): R10.3d with a bump of iocom.dll to R10.3b [Dec 18 2020, Time 12:01:41], and this exports what appears to be the complete file. So I should upgrade to this version at least, but also noticed R10.4c was released a few months back.

What are the implications in upgrading to either 10.3d / 10.4c with my existing PAC strategy and calibration (representing weeks of work) ?

I strongly suggest that you email our support team for this one.

OK, thanks Beno. I have emailed support.