Pac Control Professional

Hello, I work at a place which is using a SNAP-PAC-R1 firmware version 8.5c. I need to make a small change to I believe what is called a persistent variable. I literally just need to change the value from the integer 4 to 2. It doesn’t seem like there is a straightforward way to do this and when I cross reference the variables I can’t see where a value is moved into the variable. I’ve looked at a couple of persistent variables and it seems like they were somehow set and then downloaded the controller. What is the easiest way to change a persistent variable from one value to another?

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I must have a different version of Pac Control Pro. When it displays the variable, the dialog box doesn’t have the arrow button. Any other suggestions?

Yes, the arrow button was added latter.
In your version, just double click on the title bar. (ie, where it says ‘scanning’, double click on the word scanning).

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Yep, that did it. Thanks.