PAC Control PRO 9.3c - import not working properly

Hi I would like to report a bug with regard to importing tags and I/O units in PAC Control PRO 9.3c. If the import file contains a B3000 unit then it is impossible to import the configuration… even if you create a B3000 I/O unit then export and then import… it fails, this however does not happen in PAC Control PRO 9.2, will there be a fix?

Hi Blaz.

Please drop an email to
This is the best way to get an answer to your question.
You will get a tracking number for your issue and our engineers will be able to see if they can reproduce the problem, if there is a work around and let you know when the fix (if needed) will be implemented.

(The forums are more for ‘how to’ questions than for bug reports).



FYI - this issue has been reproduced and corrected in a not-yet-released as of this writing (B9.4f) version of PAC Control. Please contact support if you’d like a copy of this beta version.

yes support has already handled my issue, to anyone with similar problem, you can also import to versino 9.2 and then continue work with 9.3 as a temporary solution, thank you for your help all