Pac Control IO point disable is retained

I have noticed for a while now, that in 9.6 and I think maybe even in 10.4 Pac Control that when you disable an IO point while troubleshooting, then later disable it and then save the strategy (or maybe save strategy with point disabled) you open the strategy and even if you go through a download, the same IO point shows up still disabled while in debug mode…very weird.
If my recollection is correct, whenever you stop and then start a strategy, the disabled IO point should by default return to enabled.
In the latest case, I had months ago I disabled a couple of analog IO points while the customer got around to getting some pressure cells for sump level measurement. Then, we got all that installed and I completed the strategy, checked it out and had enabled these points. The strategy was working perfect ever since then. Last night the sump fill solenoid blew a fuse in my control panel, and they called me because the sumps were stuck at 80%. After getting on line with the system. I discovered that these 2 analog inputs were disabled.
Is this a known problem or do I need to talk to support?
A needed feature in Pac Control would be an indicator somewhere on the main screen showing whether any or if individual points are disabled.

I’d contact support.

I also clearly recall asking for an indicator for disabled points about 18 year ago… so yeah, I hear ya.

Thanks, yes I also had that thought many times in the past. Actually, just another column in the debug window that shows all IO.
On several occasions I thought I was losing it, when I would find an IO point disabled after just starting the strategy.