PAC Control: Float Valid? Could work on an analog point

As I pondered some of the ideas and suggestions in this post about the magic Opto number: -32768 … I tried to use an analog point in my Condition block with the Float Valid? command and it wouldn’t let me select an analog point. :frowning:

Luckily, I learned that in PAC Control R9.1a or newer, you can skip the extra step of copying that point to a float before testing it, if you use the OptoScript equivalent: IsFloatValid, perhaps like this:

  if ( IsFloatValid( my_analog_point ) ) then
    // that's a good sign
    // we might have a problem, do something here


The only problem with testing the analog point before bringing it to the controller, is that you have to comm it in order to do so, thereofre you’re better off just bringing it in as a table read and then tesing it internally. However, there may b cases where this makes sense.