PAC Control Chart Paused

Hi Everyone! My Charts were paused automatically and ruined the whole process for me, any idea what could’ve caused that?

Paused or stopped?
Do you have a screenshot of the state of the charts?

All of them, or just some of them? (ie, what was the state of the powerup chart?)

What platform? EPIC, SNAP? (If SNAP, Pac R or S controller?).

Unfortunately, I don’t have a screenshot, some of them were paused not all of them, i think some of the charts were in step-on state and other were in running state. and it’s Snap, PAC R1.

Experiencing the same issues (stopped). Using the chart as meter counter and programmed it to pause 150ms between on and off condition on a SNAP-IDC5 (24vdc signal) module. No command in the strategy to stop the chart. If I script a command to restart the chart - is mess up my counting algorithm.

ver R10.3d

Hi Tim. Welcome to the Forums.

I might be reading your post wrong, so please correct me if that’s the case, but it sounds like you are pausing and resuming the chart (for some reason).
Are you pausing the chart to wait for a digital input state change?
If so, this might not be the best way to do that.
Two quick thoughts…

  1. The chart should loop (with a delay of at least 1msec - this is critical) and then check for either a state change or a latch to be set. This way the chart keeps running and you pick up the input state change as soon as it happens.
  2. Use the command ‘Get On-Pulse measurement’. This totally removes the need for any on/off/pause/delay etc.

As for a chart restart messing up your counting, there are ways to handle that as well, but that might be best talked about in a new thread.

Thank you for your quick reply. After re-checking my process logic, discover dead end block which stopped the chart and this will fix my issues. To any answer your question - yes it is not paused but delayed for 150ms (will change that to 10ms) and runs on continuous loop to check for change of condition from on to off to increase a persistent counter. On your second recommendation, “Get On-pulse Measurement” script returns an on-time numeric value. Not sure how I can use that to increment my counter from on to off change of condition.

Perhaps a
“Pulse_Complete = GetOnPulseMeasurementCompleteStatus(Pressure_Switch);”

will work best for my purpose.
I may have to replace this module that has the counting feature to make it simpler.

Glad you got it sorted.
One quick way to find things like this is to use the Find tool.

Just do a find for all missing connections and you will soon spot them in all your charts.

The module does not do the counting so changing that won’t help.
It’s the controller. Your R2 does not have the per point counting feature, the R1 controller does.