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PAC Control and AB DF1

Has anyone used the DF1 protocol using Ethernet? Were using ControlLogix PLC and would like to use Ethernet to communicate between the two. I’m not using the PAC just for I/O, I need to pass data between the two platforms.

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Re: PAC Control and AB DF1

You’re in luck, as sharing data between a ControlLogix PLC and Opto 22 I/O (Brain) or a PAC over Ethernet is very simple to do. Firmware versions of 8.3a or higher support A-B’s EtherNet/IP. You had mentioned DF1 over Ethernet, but EtherNet/IP is actually a CIP message over Ethernet. To the user, though, those details are transparent and if you have an ENBT card in your ControlLogix chassis, you’re set.

You can set up “implicit messaging” between your PAC and the ControlLogix ENBT card. For a “How To” on this, visit and watch Part 1 of the 4 part video there. I’d also recommend Form 1770 (chapters 1-3 only).

In the video they show reading and writing I/O points, but you can also do “scratchpad” values, which is what your app involves. Same principal. I’ve got a word doc that I could send you with a step by step and screen captures for moving scratchpad data between ControlLogix and a PAC. Please let me know if you want me to email it.

Arun Sinha, Opto 22