PAC control 10.4 on/off latch warning

10.4 does not migrate on/off latch commands and then cannot read them correctly. Also, even though 10.3 remains installed it is boogered up by the same issue. Install 10.4 with caution.

I don’t quite follow you here… And I want to get it to the software guys ASAP… can you just take a minute and flesh it out a little for us - please and thanks.

Give me a few minutes to collect data.

Well. I can’t collect all of the data. Re-installing 10.3d fixed the problem and I cannot recreate it, but here is what I have:
I installed 10.4, it installed side-by-side with 10.3d. No issues during install.
I opened my last project with 10.4, got the upgrade warning (OK’d).
Tried to go online/upload updated strategy and got this during compile:

I closed/canceled out of 10.4 and opened an archive from yesterday in 10.3 and got the same exact result when I tried to go online.

I then went to one of the blocks in question and the “Clear On-Latch” had random gibberish for the control point. Unfortunately, I did not think to get a screen capture of this, but this what it is suppose to look like:
Stop Monorail block18 (10.3d)

Out of desperation I downloaded (upload?) the strategy from the control engine and retried with 10.3, same result so it’s not the strategy.

I then re-installed 10.3d and tried opening up the original file. Everything worked fine. Saved an archive just in case.

Out of curiosity I opened the same strategy in 10.4 and now it works fine.

For further testing I then re-installed 10.4 thinking it was overwriting something common to both versions.

Opened the strategy again and it’s still working OK.

Running Windows 10 Pro x64, latest updates

Attached is the 10.3d archive from the control engine.
JF_Packing.R10.3d.Pro.Archive.D09082021.T103905 (10.3d_OK).zip (41.7 KB)

Thanks for the details.
I know it takes some time to collect and write up.

Will take a look here and see what we can find.