Pac conroller set time zone

I know that the set time zone configuration is used to configure time zone in a controller,
but I missing the way to set time zone for a country like Puert Rico which don not use Daylight saving
what I would place the bigining month , day and hour. of the configuration command.

Iwould Appeciate any one help.

It looks like the month, day and hour are required. Just put in anything and don’t define the second time zone. I put in AST4,12,1,1,0000 and it worked even though it is only August.

You should send an e-mail to support requesting them to improve the documentation on this.

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In case you are interested: Here is a chart that syncs the time daily at 4am (and when nSyncTimeNow is true). It logs errors to the event message log.

The default time server and time zone is set in the “Set time” Optoscript block. (1.9 KB)

Dear Philip,
I went through daily time sync chart, it is very clear and useful, I will use it on my application, thanks you for sharing it.


You are welcome.


Hi, Maxlugo1 and philip.
Thanks for the suggestion about improving the documentation.
I’ll post an updated PAC Control Command Reference document later this week.
In the next PAC Project release, it’ll also be available in the online help.

Gray (Opto 22 Documentation Team member)

Awesome Gray, keep up the great work!

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Thanks, Philip–I appreciate it. FYI, I’ll be posting the updated forms (1711 for the Legacy Edition and 1701 for the regular edition) on the website today. They should be available for downloading NLT tomorrow.