PAC Busy on Node-Red

Hi OptoForums. Bit of a Node-Red newbie here, so apologies if this is an issue with a simple fix that Im just overlooking. I am responsible for multiple production systems that run PAC Control on SNAP-PAC-R1 Controllers, and are networked with a central support system that pulls databasing info off of them using node-red. Its a great way to send data to MariaDB, but I keep running into an issue when I am updating the Control Strategy on the client systems. When downloading changes to the strategy, the PAC Read/Write Nodes on the node-red flows will read “PAC Busy”. This will persist after the strategies have been started and essentially just stops all the associated flows. The quick fix is simply to go to the node-red editor and restart the flows. This is however a disruptive extra step I want to avoid in the future. Is there a way to avoid this issue from happening, or filter out if this error occurs, and have the flows restart automatically? Any advice is appreciated, snip of and example of what the error looks like is below:


Just to add, node-red is running on a PC in some installations and on a GrooveEPIC in others, and this occurs in both.

Quick question before we start digging…
What version of the PAC Nodes are you using?
I’m on 1.1.4.
I seem to recall this being an issue with the early versions, but am not 100% sure, but we need to rule it out.

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Thank you!

I just checked and the PAC Nodes are indeed 1.1.4, Ive only recently started using node-red in this fashion.

Well, I have been beating things here with my EPIC and Node-RED.
When I do the download, yes, I get a PAC Busy notice pop up under the node for the duration of the download, but as soon as its down, the notice clears.
Its interesting that it only pops up for the duration of the download… Once its over, within 2-3 seconds it clears and the node just goes back to reading the tag data it is configured for. Which just after the download it is zero, then when the strategy is run, it sends the value of the tag.

How do you have your node configured for in regard to buffered messages?