PAC Basic vs. Pro

Hi guys,

I am new to the Opto22 forums. I just have a couple of questions regarding PAC BASIC vs. PAC PRO. Now from what I understand if I saved a strategy on PAC Control Pro. I can’t open it on PAC BASIC. My question is regarding what can I do with PAC BASIC.
Can I run, with PAC Sim, PAC Display and PAC Strategy and have windows pop up ? I know I can debug my strategy in PAC Basic. I was curious about this because at my work I use PAC Pro. and everything is fine but at home I only have PAC Basic so if I want to take my work home, I cannot do so.


Hi innotech01,

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Good question, and one we get asked here at Opto a fair bit, so we have a comparison doc to cover it.
(In the ‘Learn’ section of our web site, is a ‘Comparison’ section).

That is the link to the doc. <PDF warning>.

To answer your question, yeah, you can run PAC Sim, and PAC Display and a PAC Strategy and have your windows pop up using just PAC Basic.
Pro has a few more commands in Control, and Display, so if you stay away from those, you can do everything you need at work in Basic and thus be able to run them at home as well.

(Hint, drop Selam, Tom or any of our presales team a phone call and see if they can work out something for your home PC).



Thanks Ben! Your videos on youtube were a great help when I was learning about the basics of OPTO22.

I had another question, can I run PAC professional on 2 different computers with just 1 password. If so I can run PAC PRO. on both my work computer and my home laptop. I understand on my home computer there will be no interaction with the brain, but can I use PAC PRO. on both or do I have to separately buy another PAC Pro.?

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