Over range inputs into PAC Control

On a GRV-IMAI-8 (for instance), if the module scaling is configured for 4-20mA = 0-100% and the signal into the module is 21 mA, will PAC Control read 100% or 106.25%?

What would PAC Control read with a 23mA input?

This is going to take me a hot minute to setup a test for… In the meantime I have reached out to the engineers that wrote the module firmware…

Here is the reply from one of the engineers;

"The GRV-IMAI-8 @ 4-20mA is a little different because of 4mA offset.
The maximum input is 22.2mA , higher than that and you get a Qnan.

The module will show > 100%. ~= %105 ( max of 110% before Qnan )"

PAC Control is not in the engineers wheelhouse so they could not comment on that.
Hope that is helpful Philip.

Okay, that is helpful. I have a project requirement where we need to alarm when the input is 5% above or below range and I wanted to verify that we can detect that and I don’t have the hardware yet.

All I saw was this in the PAC Control help under Add/Edit Analog Point Dialog Box:


It says we can specify a lower or upper value beyond the standard value - I have not been able to do that (I can’t type in 21mA for example).

What version of PAC Control are you running?
(I’d like to test it here vs a newer version)

This is in 10.2e

Yup, can confirm.
I take it this is what you are seeing?

The docs suggest that we should be able to enter the over range values here… Hmmmm

Yes, exactly - but if the scaled value will still go over to reach 11000, then that is what matters.