Output string not match condition

I created a flow that read SMS from Maestro. Depends on the output from Maestro, Epic will reply the SMS back.
But the switch node cannot recognize the output from the previous node.




If I inside the string myself in epic, reply SMS work fine.

Why would that happen? Is because of the return button at the end of the string 3rd image(K3)?

Quick reply till @torchard sees this post…
I would try changing the switch node from ‘==’ to ‘contains’.
So if the strings contains K1, then output1 and so on.

EDIT: BTW, great post @tansteven96249464 lots of debug nodes and screen shots so we could see exactly what was happening where.

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@beno looks like that should do it!
The reason being that the return symbol at the end is in fact a character itself, so for your msg.payload to match exactly, which is what == requires, you would need that third return character in your switch node as well.
Using “contains” should be enough in this case.