Output of PLC to use it as an input in groove rio

I need the output of the PLC of a screen printing machine to capture the cycles of operation, the output is used to energize a valve that is used to enable the vaccuum system, this valve is of 2 watts, the question is if there a problem to connect this output to the input of my groove rio. The question is because I don´t want to damage the module, theorically the current should be 0.083 amperes.

I already create a flow using a counter node and works fine in my desk simulating the signal but I need to use it in the field. Please advise
thanks in advance.

What voltage is the PLC switching and is it AC or DC?

24 volts direct current

Should work fine. Setup a RIO input as 5-30VDC input.

Connect the RIO input in parallel with the field wiring going to the valve (like you would be checking for power to it with a voltmeter).

Note that the channels on the RIO are not electrically isolated from each other, so be mindful of that if you have other channels in use on the RIO and what the implications are.

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Thank you Philip for your observations, I will follow them.

Cheers from Honduras Central America