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Output Frequency

Newbie here;

Currently I have some analog and communication modules on my Snap-PAC-R2. I’m looking to output a 450Hz signal. Does anyone know how this can be done?


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Re: Output Frequency

Although only available under PACControl Professional version (not Basic version ) you may like to take a look at the PACControl instruction “Start Continuous Square Wave”, whose function is to generate a square wave frequency on a digital output point. This is typically used to drive stepper motor controllers, pulse indicator lamps, or horns or counters connected to digital outputs up to 500 Htz.

There are some limitations on which digital output modules can be used, and I’m not completely sure that the PAC-R2 brain will support the instruction, but its worth a try. Talk to Opto22 product support to work out a combination that would work for you.

As an alternative you might like to use an analog voltage output module SNAP-AOA-25 (0-10VDC) and an external voltage to frequency converter. Talk to EXAR in Fremont, CA 94538 www.exar.com. A device like the XR4151 may solve your problem, although its not a completely industrial solution.