Outbound computed tags

Is there a way to set a user configured tag, data store tag, or some sort of variable or register that could be read by the world outside of groov view to the output of a computed tag for encoding and/or logic?

Short answer. No.

Longer answer. Just do the same logic of the computed tag in groov View in the PAC Control strategy or Node-RED.
You can then do what you need with the outside world from there.

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K, thanks for the quick response.

We have had requests to get the data out of each of the device types in groov View, but at the moment we are focused on a few other features.
So its on the to-look-at list, if you have a moment to share your use case, that would be helpful.
ie, are you Ok using a RESTful API get the data out, or you’d rather use something MQTT or OPCUA?

I have been building a python framework for passing data from multiple instruments to the EPIC PLC so groov View could act as the main HMI for them. A lot of the data comes in as raw bytes where each bit represents a different discrete. Decoding those in the groov View computed tags saved a lot of transmission band width and was actually more straightforward to decode in the calculated tag than in the python framework. I would be nice to not have to work with a mix of encoded and decoded data in my framework.

In summary decoding and encoding locally in groov View is more straightforward to encode/decode, data transmission bandwidth is more effective, and I don’t have to define nearly as many EPIC plc addresses in my python framework.