OptoScript quirky behavior

I recently accidentally discovered something with OptoScript…

I needed to comment out an entire block for testing. I added the /* at the top of the block and then forgot to add the closing */ at the bottom of the block. Because I hadn’t closed the block comment, code in blocks after the offending block also didn’t run.

I’m wondering… shouldn’t this be a compiler error?

Hi @varland!
Are you saying the whole block turned green (and got skipped), but then, another block (which many not have had any comments it it) also got skipped? That sounds like it might a bug. Can you forward the details to support@opto22.com so they can track it down?

Did you get this figured out, @varland ? I tried a quick test and didn’t have the same results, but there’s probably something a little different between what I tried and what you did—PAC Control version, perhaps?