OptoOPCServer in Windows 10

I have a question, is it possible to configure a PC with Windows 10 operating system 64 bits to work as an OPC server using OptoOPCServer 9.3? I tried to configure the PC following the steps of the OptoOPCServer user’s guide form 1439 and it did not work. I appreciate any response.

Hi, @Asdnie. OptoOPCServer didn’t officially start supporting Windows 10 until version R9.4a.
Can you upgrade to a newer version of OptoOPCServer?
Opto 22 Tech Writer

Thanks for your reply. At the moment I can not update to 9.4, so I will have to change windows 10 to windows 7. I have another question: If I make the change to windows 7, the OptoOPCServer 9.3 is supported in 64 bits?


@Asdnie: Yes, OptoOPCServer R9.3 can run on Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit and also 32-bit. (To be safe, make sure you’ve got the Pro version of Windows 7.)