OptoOPC Usage For Numerious Strategies & Graphics


We currently have 6 different Pac Display Graphics attached to 12 different strategies. Currently, we also have 4 servers connected to 7 PC’s with differing Pac Display Projects, 1 main and one backup for the main part of our processes which are connected to 4 strategies, 1 server connected to 2 strategies, and the remaining 2 servers connected to individual strategies.

I am wanting to consolidate all the strategies through just the 2 servers consisting of 1 main and 1 backup but am not sure of the limitations of OptoOPC or if it will slow down the graphics updates since these processes do have a large amount of dynamic attributes.

Does anyone have experience with this?

ballarat health services (former employer which i still am actively involved with) has a single pac display project that has 19 controllers and strategies attached to it. there are more than 1900 windows in the project. i would guestimate something like 1000+ historic trend windows in the project (127 sec update rates). OptoOPC seems to cope without a problem. rarely lose data on the historic trends, windows perform with 3sec refresh rates. we have made a defacto rule that when a child window is finished being viewed then it is closed. if we tried to keep 1900+ windows open, the pc would run out of memory and the project would fail from a limitation of the OS. we would generally have at least 20+ dynamic tags as well as a live + historic trend trends operating at once without a problem. also the other 999 or so historic trends would be updated without loss of data.
i think the limitation would be physical (PC and memory allocation) as opposed to a software limitation.
obviously once you get past a certain limit regarding opened windows and updated tags, you need to think of the load on the PC so some conservative thought needs to be put into place regarding PAC Display project windows and what needs to be updating and what doesn’t.
i think OptoOPC would perform ok with what you are proposing.