OptoMMP4 ReadSingles C#

I have the following code snippet giving me an error code Result = -10:

Result = Mmp.ReadSingles(AnalogMapAddress, AnalogChannelCount, AnalogValues, 0);
if (Result < 0)
messageQueue.AddEventString(“Fault: ReadSingles”);

On entry:
AnalogMapAddress = 281474714566656 // Hex FFFF F060 0000‬
AnalogChannelCount = 36
AnalogValues = {float[36]}

I suspect I have the wrong address. This worked fine on PAC and I am porting to EPIC.

What am I missing?

EDIT: OK Changed the memory address to 0xFFFFF0260000 and that eliminates the error.

Now similar on digital write. (checking it further)

I see your edit and am glad you got it working.
For EPIC, I always use the MMP Reference.

It gives a good overview of all the EPIC addresses.

Here you can see the F0260000 address.

Hope that helps you find the right addresses.

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I don’t seem to have that on this device. Where you have MMP Calculator, I have Generic MMP.

Im running the latest firmware, 1.5.0.
What version are you on?

Just updated to latest and have it.