OptoMMP Tool kit?

Is this version specific?

i.e. Can the latest version be used with Pac Control 8.5?

Which version has ActiveX controls that supports Legacy VisualBasic applications (VB 6.0)?


There’s this kit (which combines an older, ActiveX kit and some C++ stuff):

But that’s for communicating with the OptoMMP (memory map). Did you need to access PAC Control tags? Because there is a much newer (no ActiveX) kit for allowing DIRECT access to tags. Otherwise, in your PAC Control chart, you could write to the Scratch Pad Area in the memory map, and access that via any/all of the MMP kits.

Can you give us more details about the problem you’re trying to solve?

Thanks mstjohn,

There is no specific problem but I want to have it in case I need it in the future as this customer has some apps written using Legacy VB for a custom HMI application.

I saw that post, and I am using that as a way to time stamp the data as it comes out of the SCM. However, there are 2 issues. Since this is already post buffer, the time stamp is on the packet when I see it, not when it is received. More importantly, since several hundred packets can come in a second, hundreds of packets will have the same time stamp. I ran a seperate chart that runs with a 1ms delay and counts the closest I can get to “milliseconds” and I stamp each packet as I see it with a hh:mm:ss:mmm in a string table. This makes almost, but not all of the packets have a unique time stamp. What I was hoping for was a way to have a clock in the SCM stamp the data as it comes in off the line, but what I need the most is a good way to do milliseconds.