OptoMMP .Net Driver and SoftPAC

Hi All

I’ve been using the OptoMMP Driver for a while now (with awesome success) for a bunch of communication we’re doing. We’re looking at possibly using a SoftPAC for a customer though, and, although the primary functions that we use (Scratchpad read and write) work great, I noted that one particular function does not. (There may be more, but I haven’t needed them!)

The command is OptoMMP2.OptoMMP.ReadBrainDiagnosticInformation which I use to monitor a bunch of stuff. On my S1 it works as expected with SoftPAC controller it returns an empty structure.

Admittedly I could re-write this to directly grab the information that I’m looking for (with a direct read of an address), but I’m curious if this is a known bug and therefore should wait?

Hi alanlevezu,

Not a bug, I would not wait…

SoftPAC does not have all the mem map areas like a PAC Controller. It only has the scratch pad areas.
(Its in the doc).
That’s why your code is not returning anything.

There is not really any work around as that information simply does not exist. (Remember, its a Windows PC, its set up very differently to a controller)
To see what information does exist, fire up PAC Manager and view your softPAC controller, if there is any info there that you would like to get access to, you will need to put a few move commands in a chart to move that data to a scratchpad location.
You will then need to use the appropriate function to read the scratchpad.


Thanks Ben

Yep, I knew that it was a PC, but some stuff still applies. That’s OK, I wrote a new function that works and reads more of the status area than the initial .RBDI call, so it’s all good!