OptoMMP Memory Map problem

I’m trying to read the on latch state of a high density input module on rack position 0 using a R1 controller. From the OptoMMP protocol guide it shows hex address F1808008 for on latches with a length of 8. For off latches it has hex address F1808010 with a length of 8. Isn’t that overlapping? I used the command ReadNumFromIoUnitMemMap and can read the off latches with hex address F180814.
With the on latches there are only two addresses available F1808008 and F1808009, the next overlaps the off latches. Am I missing something here?


If I am reading this correctly, I think you may have answered your own question…

‘shows hex address F1808008’

1808010−1808008 = 8

It is hex - so F1808008, F1808009, F180800A, F180800B …

Thanks all, I figured it out. I’ve been looking at too many numbers and had a brain freeze.


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Been there, done that! :lol