OptoEMU Sensor tip: Get any MMP value with ease!

Hi All,

One thing I especially like about our OptoEMU Sensors is how easily an extra input value can be configured. Not only will the EMU log and send its own data to an online service, etc., but just about any Modbus device (including our own SNAP-PAC controllers and brains or other MMP devices) can be read and included.

For example, I wanted my OPTOEMU-SNR-DR to track energy data, but also the “seconds since powerup” of a couple of nearby MMP devices.

From my favorite form 1465 (MMP Protocol guide), I knew MMP Status Read Area address F030 0160 would give me that value.

Using the handy tool in PAC Manager to convert an MMP address into a Modbus address (Tools > Modbus Calculator), I determined the Modbus address and register:

Then I plugged them into OptoEMU Sensor Manager for one of my Inputs, and BOOM! OptoEMU Sensor easily collected that extra data for me, no programming required!

If you DID want to do a little programming to get a value NOT directly read from the mem map, you could have a nearby PAC calculate and plug the value into one of its mem mapped scratch pad address, and include that as one of your OptoEMU Sensor inputs too.

Yet another example of how our all or Opto 22 devices play well together, and with others too!