OPTODataLink & SQL

I am trying to transfer data from an SQL 2005 database running on a windows server into a SNAP Pac R2 controller when a flag in the same database is true. In the example below, I use the word “Flag” to represent a cell within the database.

My sequence is as follows.

Set the data in the SQL database
Set the trigger flag in the same database to “True”

OPTODataLink sees the trigger flag and transfers the data
OPTODataLink resets the trigger flag to “False”

Now that is how I understand the link should work. But I can’t get OPTODataLink to reset the flag, thus my data keeps transfering.


Hi Steve,

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I’m looking in the OptoDataLink User’s guide and the configuration screen, it sounds like to me you’d want to have both of these boxes checked:

[x] One data exchange when the value is true.
[x] Reset database value.

If you’ve checked those boxes, then I’d suggested you contact our ODL experts in Product Support (it’s free)!