OptoDataLink R10.1a installation error

Hello Guys,

We have OptoDataLink 9.6 Licence and It is working fine.
Now are going to upgrade our 9.6 version to R10.1.
So during installation of OptoDataLink, we are getting the “wrong Password” error message and installation is going to fail.
Do we need to purchase a new Licence Key?
Can we use that R9.6 Licence key for R10.1 version of OptoDataLink?

Thanks & Regards,

Major point versions (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 etc) require a new password.
Contact your vendor or our pre-sales team and review your case with them.

There was no change from 9.6 to 10. It was just a name change.

Thanks a lot, Beno and Nick.