OptoClock Information?

In looking through the OptoMux User Manuals for the B1 Digital Brain (3rd Ed, 1984) and the B2 Analog Brain (3rd Ed, 1984), I saw under the IDENTIFY OPTOMUX TYPE command (F) that I can expect one of three 2 digit codes on a successful reply:

00 - Digital OptoMux
01 - Analog OptoMux
08 - OptoClock (real time clock)

I understand the hardware referred to in this post is old and obsolete, but they are still rocking and rolling for me. In writing an application for a friend that controls a model train layout, I saw the above and my curiosity was spiked.

So, can anyone describe the OptoClock from a hardware perspective?

How did it integrate and support the OptoMux hardware?

Did the OptoMux protocol support it?


Hi David, welcome to the Opto Forums.

What document number are you looking at to see these commands?
I can’t see them in the OptoMux Protocol Guide;

Edit. To be clear, I found the Identify command, but it does not list the three responses you mention, just two of them.

Hello, thank you for the welcome.

I believe these manuals pre-date the document number system Opto22 utilizes. I will check tonight and repost, but I see nothing on the book cover nor inside page (I can send/upload these if you are curious).

Edit: Attached is photo of Identify command showing the three responses.

Thank you again for the welcome, and also the reply!


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Ok, yeah, that’s old…/grin/… I wonder if the hardware is supporting that three part response?

Have you issued the command and seen the three part reply?
I ask because its possible the firmware in your B1/B2 might not support whats in the book.

I have (6) B1s and (4) B2s, and they all reply 00 or 01 correctly in response to the Identify command. I never saw the 08 response, but that is because I do not have the hardware.

I started this as I wanted to learn about the OptoClock hardware, OptoMux commands it supported, and how it integrated with the rest of the OptoMux hardware.

Thank you again.

As a follow up, I found in the OptoMux Digital User Manual, 4th Edition, 1984, the following on the OptoClock:

“OPTOCLOCK is OPTO 22 PB4MDC - a 4-point digital controller with a real-time clock and integral RS-232 to RS-422 converter.”

Thus, I am going to conclude that the OptoClock is combination of the AC7 (RS-232 to RS-422 converter), a B1/PB4H combo, and a real-time clock. Given that conclusion, I will go to say that the OptoClock likely supports the same OptoMux commands as the B1, but also something for setting and reading the real-time clock.

From the OptoMux Analog User Manual, 3rd Edition, 1984, in the Introduction section, the OptoMux family is defined as the following devices:

PB4MD -> 4-point digital controller
PB4MDS -> 4-point digital controller with onboard power supply
PB16MD -> 16-point digital controller
PB16MDS -> 16-point digital controller with onboard power supply
PB4MDC -> 4-point digital OptoClock
PB4MA -> 4-point analog controller
PB16MA -> 16-point analog controller


Attached: photo of OptoClock information.

Huh. Interesting!
Thanks for following up, really appreciate it.