OPTO22's S1/R1 and NI's comactRIO/DAQ

Hello everyone. A customer asks,does OPTO22 PAC S1/R1 have an operating system? If yes, is it a real-time operating system? What is a real-time operating system? Is it Linux? Is it VxWorks or something else?.
He needs to make a choice between OPTO22’s PAC S1/R1 and NI’s compactRIO/DAQ. It is a water treatment project, hoping to give him a reason to choose PAC S1/R1.
Thank you

Yes, the R1/S1 does have an RTOS (Nucleaus, which is pretty lean, which is why it’s pretty responsive).

However… when choosing between Opto and others, that wouldn’t be something high on my list of details to mention. What about total cost… don’t forget about the costs people often forget–our PACs are easy/quick to program, we provide free support/training, and don’t forget the lifetime warranty on most modules! Then there’s the open/common protocols, like the REST API which makes our PACs better at communicating with ALL KINDS of stuff.

Check out this huge list of protocols/options we support:

Thank you.
Cost is indeed an important factor.

Everything that mary mentioned is right. If the guy is asking about real time for a water system, he’s getting a lot of smoke…water system operations are not machine control systems in the sense of sub micro second speeds. None of that matters other than the capability to operate (depending on the size of the system) large number of concurrent operations. Even and R1 can do a fairly massive qty or operations, but the S1 is capable of a huge number of operations, and of course soft pac is off the charts in that respect. Water systems are process control, not especially fast and typically slow operational speeds can be used, such as 1 second. Of course an S1 can run and entire water plant with it’s eyes closed at 5 to 10 (or more) iterations per second for the entire process logic. If your turning a pump on or off, or adding chemicals, trust me, that is way fast.
One of the important things in water system is telemetry and Opto is famous for that and is way more capable in many respects over the NI when it comes to this aspect. Also, Opto22 is way more bullet proof that all these other systems when it comes to sitting out in a well house building remotely.
If I were selecting NI, it would be for a laboratory environment where you need super high accurate readings and need to primarily log a lab instrument, that’s where NI’s niche is, not water systems, not production systems, not machine control systems…


Very good. I think he might also look at my understanding of OPTO22 products. He is the first contact with OPTO22 products. I didn’t really notice this problem before. Is also the first time asked.:grinning: