OPTO22 Website Search Facility

I have no idea where to put this discussion as there doesn’t seem to be a section to discuss the OPTO22 website and specifically the search facility therein.
Please feel free therefore to move this thread to where ever it needs to go.
The search facility on the OPTO22 website is an appalling experience.
I went to SUPPORT on the website looking for the latest PAC Project Suite software download. I selected DOWNLOADS from the dropdown menu and the page opened on DOWNLOADS. I then went to the filter selector and selected SOFTWARE. There were 3 pages of results according to the website, in fact page 3 had no results at all on it and the other 2 pages did indeed include a PAC Project but from 2006 called ioSoftware Basic Software Suite!!! No sign of the latest PAC Project Suite. Maybe i am missing something and PAC Project isn’t classed as software? The filter facility is littered with bugs, selecting SOFTWARE as previously said brings up 3(?) pages, going back to FILTER and selecting SDK & Integration Kits as well as SOFTWARE only brings up 2 results instead of the previous 3(?) pages plus the 2 new results from SDK & Integration Kits.
There is facility to search BY DATE, earliest to latest which would be useful. I think the whole download section requires an overhaul as it is very frustrating to use and there seems no logic behind its design.

Hi Paul. Welcome to the Opto22 forums.

Thanks for the detailed feedback.
I have sent it to our web dev guys.