Opto22 to Ignition over API

Hello all,
To get data from (GRV-R7-MM1001-10) Groov RIO to Ignition over API, do I need to have PAC manager to API settings or opto22 webserver page set up is enough for doing the API configuration and send/receive data?

You can do it all in groov manage on the RIO.

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Thank you for the quick reply. So, I have to do that in Node-RED option at the Groov Manager?

Can I find any procedure document to set up and read/write data between opto22 and Ignition?

What exactly are you wanting to get to Ignition?

I am reading a few parameters(temp, pH) from RIO to Ignition , and those data from RIO are being monitoring in Ignition - UI. MQTT is not used here to connect RIO and Ignition, it should be done over API calls.
Opto22 - RIO - generating Json data
Ignition - API call (by using GET instruction)

As of now, I am not writing any data back to opto22. So, I would like to know where to set up API endpoint details in RIO and how to call it by Ignition script.


I would recommend you take a look at the Ignition Exchange and our groov RIO API Example Project to help get you started.


The latest RIO firmware has a built-in OPC UA server - any reason you can’t use that to get the IO point data?

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Hi Philip,

Ignition is on cloud and our client insisted us using API method for communication. That’s the reason.