Opto22 Rio Serial To USB Conversion

Hello Team,

I am using Groov Rio module.

I want to perform serial to USB conversion. I have configured serial port in Node RED.

and on the hardware side I have connected serial to USB convertor IC(FT232).

On Hrdware side I have shorted Rx-TX Pin so that I can get sent data back.

in debug msg I am able to send data but not receiving it back.

Do we have any example of Serial to USB conversion?

The forums search really works great and provides good results.
There are a few sample Node-RED flows doing serial work.
Here are some to get you started.

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How do you have the serial port configured?


The default will buffer until it gets a newline character. You may want to change it to one of the timeout options or fixed characters option.


Hello philip,

Following configuration right I am using.

Your help will be appreciated.

Change the split input to “after a silence of” and enter 5ms and try that.

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