Did anyone implement RESTful API on their project and encountered stability issue?

The API function will suddenly malfunction and require restart the device from power up to get the API function back online.


I’m sorry you’re having trouble with the REST API.
Can you give us more details on what you mean by “suddenly malfunction”? Does the server return an HTTP error (like a 400) or does the JSON coming back include an error code (like a -5 or -1)?

sorry for the misleading question.

The web loading for a long period and return ‘cannot be reached’

The API will back online once i trigger the operation ‘Restart Device from powerup’ at ‘status write’ page.

Hi Chen,
How many connections do you have to this PAC? I have had issues with them “going silent” after too many devices try to connect in too short a time. HMI’s, groov, controllers, Optodatalink etc…
I also had an issue with the Rest interface in that any negative float values were causing errors. There is beta firmware B9.5h on the ftp site that corrected this. You might try it and see if it helps with your issue.