Noobie here.

When writing analog values, I can specify EngineeringUnits. When reading analog values, I have no mechanism for specifying the units. I was unable to determine through the documentation what units the read values are in.

Any thoughts?

My best guess would be whatever the point is scaled for in PAC control / PAC manager, but I haven’t worked with analog points enough to say that for sure. If you have some other way of reading the point where unit type is known, maybe through a groov data store, you could compare that with your MMP result to confirm?
For example I was checking my controller uptime in PAC manager to compare to what I was receiving through MMP to make sure that I was getting the right value.

Thank for the rapid response. I’m going to give that whirl. That was my plan, I just wanted to confirm that there wasn’t a direct method call where you specify the units, as there is when you write analog values.