Opto22 MFA/2FA existance?

Was hoping someone in the community out there shares a similar situation - We use a Node-RED dashboard and will most likely move to GroovView in the future, however we are investigating unique logins for individuals through Opto22 itself. Is MFA/2FA available for Opto22 local user accounts? Is this something that we would have to DIY in our Node-RED dashboard?

Hi Jackson. Welcome to the Opto 22 Forums.

We have seen a very few requests for 2FA, so engineering know about it, but I have not seen anything on the roadmap for it being implemented.
That said, most customers are comfortable using the built in account management.

Two broad options in that regard.

  1. LDAP. This was very heavily requested and has seen a great deal of use due to its IT friendly account management. Just create the groov Admin user, setup LDAP and there is nothing more to do from there. Your corporate Windows log-in creds work on groov.

  2. Use the groov Manage account creation on each device.
    Here is an example of that, when you create a new Node-RED user you can specify the level of access that user will have to the editor and dashboard.

You can do the same thing with groov View.
Within groov View you can then set which pages they will have access to etc.