Opto22 Browser Datatabase for IFIX OPC server

I created a browser data base file (.bdb) using the Opto22 Browser Configurator 10.4 program. For communication between Opto22 and IFIX (customer side). The customer wants to view the numeric tables in my Opto22 PLC.
I added all the numeric tables from my strategy to the .bdb file and uploaded it to the server. However,
The customer is missing some of the tables. Only tables with a maximum of 200 buckets are seen. My tables with 400 buckets are missing. I also tried reconfiguring the database file on Opto22 a few times, but with the same results.

This is what they see on their OPC server:

Maybe it is something wrong in a setting. Iā€™m open to other suggestions or methods for communicating to IFIX as well. Thanks.

Update, Issue is fixed. Customer settings were limited to 200 values.

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