Opto22 + Andriod, How to do?

Opto22 + Andriod, How to do?



What are you wanting to Android to do with the Opto hardware?

I feel that’s the real question to be answered…



I want collect data using Andrido application from Opto22 device. Example:IO Points,Variables,PID etc.

Pls give me some ideas. Thank you very much!


Jefftian you are still not spelling Android correctly, which is what caused the confusion in the first place.

I keep thinking this thread would be a great place for Opto22 to announce a beta release of their Android app…

Everyone,Sorry for my spelling mistakes.

I mean that I want make a app like Opto iPAC,but the app is a Android app.

Great news Android fans!

The Android app has been uploaded to the Google Play Market Place!!


It is pretty much an exact copy of the functionality found in the IOS version of the app.
(The one big difference is that the Android does not support adhoc connections, so no phone to controller connections with no access point).

One of the nice things about the Android platform is that if you use it on a tablet, it simply re-sizes and still looks great. (Unlike that other OS tablet…)

If you download it and use it, please leave a review on the Android marketplace (and here if you like).

As a Linux / Android loving guy, I’m really stoked to see this app hit the marketplace!

er, can not download it in china

Hi Leeveney,

I looked into that…
Not all countries support paid apps on the Google Marketplace.
Here is a list that do;


For a quick intro to these apps, see:
Android: Opto aPAC Quick Start
iOS: Opto iPAC Quick Start

Dear Ben,

Is it possible to use aPAC via internet or only on LAN?

Yours faithufully.


For those wanting to connect aPAC, PACs, groov, etc. over the internet, I highly recommend the helpful new Guide to Networking document [click here].

Thank you! I’m going to try it soon. :slight_smile: