Opto MMP toolkit in C#

I’m not sure who to offer this to, so I’ll post it here, and y’all can tell me where to go with it. I’ve offered this to some folks at Opto before, and haven’t heard back.

I’ve ported the C++ OptoMMP Communication Toolkit over to C# from C++. It provides a managed namespace in C# that provides the exact functionality that the C++ toolkit did, with nearly identical return values to the documented C++ functions. I’d like to offer this up for anyone’s use- let me know if there’s interest.


Hi Todd Hedenstrom,

I am interested to know more about it.

Hi Todd,

Im also interested if this offer still valid?

Actually, at this point I’d recommend you use the Opto-supplied .Net libraries. While mine work, they’re not ‘factory’, and having something direct from Opto is going to have much better support.

Here’s a link to them:


So you know, if you want to target .net core, the toolkit from Opto22 has not been compiled to target .net core.

The toolkit shouldn’t have anything in it that would prevent Opto22 from just re-targeting and recompiling, but this has not been done yet. It would be even nicer if the source was open like the C++ library, not sure why Opto22 hasn’t done that. Maybe @bensonh can look into that?

See this post Porting C# application onto GRV native linux where I posted source code to my .net library for OptoMMP which targets .net core and has been tested to run on ARM (which is useful if you want to run the application on a PR1). Like Todd, I ported the C library to C# a decade ago.