Opto Data link error


Hey There

I got this problem this morning since I joined a Domain by one of our clients. Don’t have a idea what this is. Please look at the attachment.



Hey There

I got Datalink running I just had to start it as Administrator. And Set some admin options.



Thanks a heap for checking back and letting us know!
Closing the loop is so important as these forums build up to be a really solid resource well into the future.

Glad you got it going and thanks again for taking a moment and reporting back.


FYI, more details from support/engineering:

…there’s a new version of OptoDataLink that should provide a more general fix for this error as well. It should be coming out in the next PAC Project release. Stopping & starting the OptoDataLink runtime service also usually fixes the problem in the meantime.


I usually stop and start the links and it works. But this time it didn’t and gave me an exception error and it was referring to not having sufficient access to the runtime.xml file in the pac project folder. But I have to say with windows 8.1 for some reasons certain programs and procedures you start and do it in administrator mode all though the account I use is an administrator account. But that isn’t such a big problem.

And any idea when we can expect the new version to be available.