Opto 22 codesys library old version

Hi, I am unable to install the latest version of the opto 22 codesys library (version does anyone have an earlier version of this library?

Hi Daniel, welcome to the forums!

Can you provide some info / screenshot on the error? We have north of 100 people that have installed this library without issue.
Rather than downgrading and dropping (possibly needed) features, it would be better to use the current version.

Also, what version EPIC firmware are you using?

@danielrowley Please make sure you are using the 32-bit version of the Codesys IDE and then install the Opto 22 Library Package again. Currently our library package isn’t fully compatible with the 64-bit Codesys IDE. We are working on the compliance for a later release.


Which SP of the Codesys IDE is recommended for the Groov EPIC? I have been working with SP17 (32-bit, patch 6) on my test bench. I am getting ready to deploy a system for a client and need to get their systems ready. Should I stick with SP17 for them, or move to a newer release?


Our current EPIC Runtime firmware is 3.5.17, so as long as you are using SP17 and up, you should be fine. Our next firmware release however will update the runtime to 3.5.18, and then SP18+ would be required. As far the IDE goes, I always recommend using the latest due to bug fixes or refinements that may have been added.

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