ONVIF protocol for camera

I have a control system with SNAP PAC S1 and a network camera.
the network camera is AXIS serial,and all support ONVIF protocol.
I hope to use the S1 to control the camera through the network.I think it is possible, but I don’t know how to do it in PAC.I need your help.
My English is very poor.Do you understand? If you have any question,please contact me at zhhpei@163.com.
Thank you very much !


Welcome to the forums zhhpei.

Looking at the webpages for ONVIF, it appears to be an open standard that uses SOAP and XML.
Since you do not need to become a certified device, just talk to a device, you should be able to do this from a PAC Controller.

OptoMarys post on Communications Handles is a great place to start;

Simply put, you will open a comm handle to the AXIS device and then send and receive commands that control it.

You will need the command list and some documents from AXIS to do this, but they appear to be on their website, so that is the place to start.

thanks for your reply.
I have read the command list and some documents on their website,but they are only in general terms and very complex.
I just need to implement the PTZ control of the camera.
Who have the command list in detail?or where can I find it?


I would start by checking out the manuals for the exact camera you want to control.
If that does not have the detail you need, reach out to the camera manufacture and go from there.