One of my favorite groov bugs

While you’re in Build mode, we draw a nice smooth line for each pen you have defined in a trend:


(It’s ((sin(x + 1) + (1 + cos(x)^2)) / 3) * ((max - min) / 1.5) with an offset for each pen. I goofed around in a graphing calculator until it looked nice.)

While in development, I initially just threw a bunch of random points in there, so it looked more like this:


Which, hey, it worked, and I could have shipped it, except there was this funny interaction between generating those random points and the way gadgets respond to resizes. The code that responds to page resizes is the same as the code that initially draws gadgets, which led to the trend regenerating those points when you resized the window.

Leading to this:


I probably should have left that in there.


Only if it comes with music. :musical_note: