On-screen keyboard in PAC Display for touch-screens: make it resizable

There’s also been a request to have the font on the buttons be larger/adjustable.

This “keyboard” is the one that pops up when, in PAC Display, you have Configure > Runtime Setup and have (under “Keyboard Setup”) the “Use on-screen keyboard for touchscreens” selected. Then choose: “Operator Driven Attributes” > Send Value > Prompt for data > Prompted Data.

Given that this on-screen keyboard is NOT very configurable, I wonder: has anyone created their own from scratch, or incorporated something else for data entry where there’s no keyboard, just a touch screen?

Hi All,
Here’s an example of how you might “roll your own” keyboard if the built-in one wasn’t to your liking. I used the new-in-your-9.0-toolbox “button” for the non-alpha buttons. Here’s the PAC Control strategy and PAC Display project examples. Let me know what you think!


You really are doing your self a disservice with that last post!

Your keyboard is totally AWESOME!!!
Check out this screen shot to see what I mean…

How cool does that look!!!
You could even drop off the numeric keypad if you wanted to (or, if you just want that, then drop off the QWERTY part).

It is really clean, I love the large fonts (you can change them if you wanted and thus make them bigger/smaller), and its so easy to use.

Seriously, if you have been a little unhappy with the onscreen keyboard built in to PAC Display (which is limited by a lot of MS Windows calls), you really should check out Marys. Its uber nice!