Older version of Pac Project


I am needing the version of Pac Project 9.3, because that is the version I have purchased, however, I cant find any links to it.

Is it possible to download it from your site? if so, where is the download link.

Thanks in advance.

Older versions of PAC Project can be found on Opto 22’s ftp site (ftp.opto22.com), specifically here:


But 9.4 (basic) is free and includes some important updates, for example, Windows 8 support:


Hi, thanks for the link to the FTP site.

I cant use 9.4 since all of my projects are made in PAC project Pro and if I recall correctly I cant open a project from pro in basic.


Isn’t 9.3 >> 9.4 a free upgrade? My understanding is minor versions (any *.X update) are free upgrades, but a major version (X.X update) is a purchased upgrade.

Yes! That’s correct. No need for $$ until we get to 10.X.
Contact your favorite: support@ or systemseng@ opto22.com for appropriate passwords.