Often-overlooked OptoScript advantage

For those of you who’ve thought about using OptoScript, but haven’t started yet (I know you’re out there!) here’s a quick little example of how to use OptoScript to start a chart.

This also illustrates one often-overlooked advantage of using OptoScript in those cases where you don’t care about the return value. For example, if you’re not going to use anywhere near the max # of charts at one time that can run on your PAC, there’s no need to check (or keep!) the return value from the call to the Start Chart command.

As we see here in the Action Block example, you still have to create a “junk” value to put that status in.


In the corresponding OptoScript Block example, also notice the new-ish “Include parameter helps” option, which will add little green comments to help you figure out the order a command expects its parameters. Not so important with this particular command that only takes one, but I thought I’d point it out for you OptoScript users who might’ve missed the memo about that nifty feature:


Happy OptoScripting!