Obtain a list of all tags using .net applications

Hi All,
Is there a way to obtain a list of tag names, and preferably types, using Controller SDK in a VB.NET Application ?

If you’re using SNAP-PAC-R series or SNAP-PAC-S series controllers with firmware version 9.5 or better, you can use a REST API endpoint to request, for example, a list of all the analog inputs. So you’d start with the data type, and get a list of all of those that are available on the PAC. Would that help? Which data types do you need?

I am using SNAP-PAC-R series but we have not upgraded to 9.5 yet, so I cannot use REST API. As far as data types goes, I will need both I/O points as well as other variables, Numeric and strings. Is there any alternative way of doing this without the REST API?


You can get this info via the mobile apps: aPAC and iPAC, but that won’t get it into your VB program.

I’d strongly recommend upgrading to 9.5 (you can do just the firmware on the SNAP-PAC-R w/out changing your software, if you want). We have a new upgrading tool that helps you keep your persistent values. Check out this post on OptoTagPreserve.