NumberToString exponents different on PR1

When calling NumberToString with float variables on a PR1, the resulting string only has 2 digits in the exponent while PACs and SoftPAC give 3.

It messed up some formatting logic I had. No big deal, easy fix, just wondering if the change was intentional.

The PAC Control command help shows 2 digits, so I guess it matches that now.

Thanks for the heads up @philip
I ran it past the software guys and sure enough, the PR1 and SNAP-PAC use the same method to covert, so they match up.
SoftPAC on the other hand uses the Microsoft method and returns 3 digits because reasons only known to Microsoft…

Ahh, so it is windows that is the issue - that makes sense, I was comparing what SoftPAC returned to the EPIC. I must of never ran this particular code on a SNAP-PAC.

Would it be possible to add a note in the help docs to warn our future selves?

Soon we will need a dedicated OPTO22 O.S. running in a super EPIC, windows is driving everyone crazy.