NTP timestamp right?

I am trying to put together an NTP timestamp to use as a key for data logging. The documentation on NTP functions are clear as mud… I am getting a negative number which according to the documentation means there is an error somewhere. Does this look right?

Philip has a helpful post here;

(Are you using a 64 bit int for the timestamp?)

NTP timestamps are unsigned int64, since integers in PAC Control are signed and the current NTP timestamp has a 1 in the most significant bit, it will be negative - this is correct and not an error.

That didn’t help much. I don’t care about UUID. Just a straight NTP is fine. From what I have gathered, my commands are correct… I think… the document commands don’t exactly match what PAC Control uses. Yes, “NTP_Timestamp” is int64. Optoscript let me know it was wrong on a test compile.

Thank you. The documentation for these commands is not good.

That documentation is wrong - I’ve reported this and I think it has been fixed. nResult is not supposed to be a parameter, what you have in your Optoscript window is correct.

Not fixed yet. That was a recent download.