Now That Groov Is Out Where Is a CL1 Div2 Touchscreen With Internet Browser?


I am real excited with the Groov product and have a fit for it here but cannot find a CL1 Div2 Touchscreen With IE. Since we are a chemical plant that is quite spread out and already has fiber and Cat5E we want to use Groov in the wired mode for this reason (wireless signal strength and security is an issue here). One application is a batch process outside in a harsh CL1 Div2 environment that requires more enhanced displays that could be used with Groov but we do not want a full blown PC. What would work is a 18’ - 24" touchscreen display that has an embedded small operating system and internet browser built in-like a smart TV. I am not sure if there is enough demand but at our facility we can use at least 3 these enhanced displays permanently installed in J-boxes where the operator could interface with Opto graphics instead of trekking the 100’s of feet to the control room.

Good question, PilotMan. A couple question back at you:

  1. Why IE? Is that some kind of company policy or IT rule? I ask, because IE is not my favorite browser nor one we recommend for use with [I]groov[/I] (see the 5th question in this groov FAQ for more on IE).

  2. Does it have to be a touch screen? Since lots of devices (TONS! LOADS! even HDTVs!) do have nice, modern browsers that work great with [I]groov[/I], if it didn’t [I]have[/I] to be a touch screen, that would give you even more options for finding something CL1 Div2.

  3. You mention not wanting a “full blown PC” – could you be more specific? I’ve seen some little tiny devices with browsers, even Android devices with a mini-HDMI jack, but I’m not sure what your limits are on the non-flow-blown front here…

Thanks for the reply mstjohn.

In response to your questions back:
1: No I do not need to use IE. (This is an easy response)

For the next answers the best way is to describe in more detail our layout here. We are a chemical manufacturing plant that has a no cell phone or wireless connectivity policy.(except for several Honeywell wireless instrument networks connected to Opto via Modbus) A large portion of our plant is CL1 Div2 and we have several remote locations that could use an Opto Display interface that meets this classification in the field. These requirements pretty well eliminate most options I can find out there except for a full blown CL1 DIv2 PC. The big benefit With Groov is you do not need a PC such as we have in one location that is under a N2 purge in a special enclosure.

2: We prefer touch screen in the field due to the harsh conditions and dirty hands that would damage keyboards and a mouse. There are extremely durable touch screens out there that meet all these conditions but do not have the embedded small operating system and built in browser.

3: I am looking for a permanently mounted touch screen “DEVICE” that has a browser, runs on 120V or 24V, and has Ethernet connectivity.

It appears your product may be at the leading edge allowing for user display interfaces in harsh environments to become more cost effective than the current options of full blown PC’s with monitors.

Great news!!!

Class 1 Div 2 for ipad.

(Granted, not wall mounted, but its a start).