Novice Pac Control PID questions


First of all sorry for my english :frowning:

I’m newbie using PAC Control. I had attached a zip file containing a sample strategy for a PID. The purpose of this strategy is not to use negative gain in PID and in some cases add a correction factor. I need to do this in fourteen PID. My question is whether the approach is correct? or is there a better way to do this?

Some blocks have been exaggerated for clarity of the example. I hope You understand

Hi fidel,

Welcome to the forums. You might want to contact PSG (our Product Support Group) for some FREE! help sorting this out.

I’m curious, why are you trying to avoid a negative gain?

There’s a not-yet-complete video on PID that talks about “negative gain,” here’s a link to the snippet on that topic (click here).

Also, in case you haven’t seen these two (complete) PID videos, you might want to check out:

Kelly’s short (approx 6 minutes) intro video

Ben’s archived webinar (almost 1 hour) on PIDs

This PID Tutorial might also be useful.